Soul Therapy

Soul therapy supports you through the natural evolutionary process of becoming your purest self and awakening into higher consciousness (healing or self-realization).

Do you feel like there is something that you are not seeing that is keeping you stuck, unmotivated, lost, scared, in a repeating pattern, anxious, overwhelmed or wanting greater understanding and expansion of consciousness? Soul therapy can help!

During a typical Soul Session we identify and hold a dense energy pattern that is stiffening your souls growth. Karina also identifies the degree and level in which this information resides at (psycho-emotional, systemic, DNA, spiritual or soul level). She then starts treating from densest to the lightest levels covering all areas of discord. Once in sacred space with connection to higher guidance, Karina utilizes her certified tools and techniques to make energetic adjustments to alchemize and shift the identified stored energy patterns into higher frequencies.

A state of wellbeing, greater wisdom and soul purpose alignment is achieved with Soul Therapy.

Soul therapy is not just a one time thing but it can be an incredible energetic cleanse that moves you beyond a stuck point and that's all that might be needed.

Each therapeutic session is $150

Sacred Bottle

These beautiful crystal bottle pendants are suspended on a 14k gold filled chain, filled with an aromatic essential oil blend and attuned to the highest Divine frequencies that will support your healing and spiritual journey!

Each bottle is specifically programmed by Master Healers who channel Divine frequencies and codes to support you in specific areas of need.

There are three pre-programmed options to choose from

  • Clear Quartz - Amplify your intent!

  • Fluorite- Release what no longer serves!

  • Lapiz Lazuli- Step into your power!

Each of these specific resonances of healing, when worn, will attune you to that particular frequency of healing.

PS: The frequencies used during Soul Sessions can be programmed into your custom sacred bottle! Karina also offers them at a discount during sessions.

Divine Crystal Anointing Healing Pendant Necklace

EMF Remediation

Do you know how harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from modern technologies really are? There are over 10K scientific studies proving EMF's harmful effects on humans and animals.

Schedule a free local (San Diego and surrounding area) EMF levels testing for your home and to learn more on how these invisible waves are harmful. You will also receive a custom quote to harmonize your specific home.

To schedule a home visit call or text Karina at 619-627-1254

Protect you & your family from EMF harms emanating of modern technologies!