About Karina Zulino

Karina's unique high vibrational energy, inquisitive essence and her open connection between spirit and matter allows her to be a clear and open channel of transmutation and higher wisdom. She is passionate for helping people find deeper meaning and overall wellness. During Soul therapy she uses her extensive studies and experience working with Energy, Alchemy, Universal laws, Soul Memory Discovery, Vibrational Therapy, Reiki, Johrei, Deeksha, Ancestral Alignment, Spirit channelling and more.

Why do we need any of this?

Earth and all of her children are ascending into a higher (5th) dimensional state of being as we are all experiencing evolution of consciousness. We are ending an outdated era of separation (the illusion of being separate from all, from Source, from this infinite all providing energy of pure love), therefore all that no longer serves our evolution needs to be cleared out or harmonized from our energy field before we can allow this new light, new oneness energy of pure love and compassion to integrate within our being. We are all being guided towards higher consciousness and this can be quite scary, confusing, lonely, can linger and transformation can be quite painful. I and many light workers are here support you, hold your hand, share our love, our powerful tools and techniques to make adjustments for this all to happen both faster and in a much kinder, more loving way.

A little more about our soul's journey... Our bodies hold memories of everything we have experienced in this lifetime. Likewise, our energy fields hold memories of everything that has ever happened to our souls. If we think of the soul as that eternal part of us that will go on long after we are done with these bodies, then we can imagine that our souls were probably doing something before they came into these bodies, as well.

Sometimes, the memories of our bodies and our souls create negative and limiting beliefs which manifest in our lives, causing us pain, distress and fears.

In Soul Therapy we first identify these negative patterns, harmful outside influences and lower vibrating frequencies that are present in our energy field (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body). From there we will make adjustments to clear and shift these frequencies to higher vibrational levels. Next comes the shift in perception, the access to our deeper knowing and connection to our own higher guidance.

Many tools and techniques are used for such therapy, all dependent on what is going on, where you are at energetically plus what spirit guides us to use for support.